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USDJPY this week made high near 110.208 so far ,where the US stocks and futures looks flat so far even bonds looks flat However stocks making highs in the US ,The Economic calendar as well isn’t showing the much reversal scene in European hours .

Since last 4 hours market change for yen which looks gaining the strength but the trend isn’t showing wakened for the yen pairs so far.

GOLD keep falling this week trend for this looking to be making lower lows compared to last week.Gold been waiting for the more clues to make a shift in trend and the investors are waiting for the same before making any decision on the same with the trend and the analytics from the economic calendar will be the key for this.

However Gold can be explain briefly in the trend and as it broke the levels of previous low on weekly chart the shift looks likely on the charts but rest depends on the active tweets and the picture of the gold chart could change


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