Which Indicator tells us, from where the market is expected to test a volatility in a Current Session

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Volatility the important tool and action which every trader keep looking at ,I in this toic will clear your doubt about the volatility Indicators use and how traders can spot the move before it happens .

So, We are taking the help of Average True Range Indicator for this and we are actually using it in ut technical.The Average true range Indicators showing that ,the normal observation I draw a red line which was declining over ATR and the red box up-to where pair remain under  sideways or low range phase.So exactly what ATR showing after the red Box . after the red box the candles high and lows started to make higher differences better than previous and that’s why probablity showing that from the green line about something gonna happen in the market

  1. volumes rising 
  2. some news might hit in the market so increase in the participation of the market and thats why the instrument trying to decide the direction with this 
so ATR now showing the activity is going to increase in the market .That way the traders get alert for the increasing range so in this case if one fails to remain to guess the proper Price action then he may loose vice versa if one successfully encoded the move he may win that trade .
Time Frames hh
 This can Imply in any time frame so the Intervals like in between weekly on mt4 the 4 hr charts shows the nice pattern .in intraday the hourly or 30 minutes shows the nice ATR reversal and Price volatility as well 
In this article we have learnt how ATR can be us to guess the probability of volatility .
Doubts are welcome in the comments will be happy to assist them .

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