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What kind of news we should watch during trading  Many of the times  new traders wonder how the price reacts after certain news.Ok though traders know the news still traders are less confident about  their reaction for trading.In this case we should stay aware of the global enviroment and the recent development wirhout which it has less possibility for us to be a confident in trading.

So what can be done for this news confidence .This is the most important thought here .When day begins the following activity Which I personally do Such as  
  • Watching the economic calenders scheduled events,
  • Trying to watch at least asian session ,we will  discuss about  session in other article 
  • Then trying to ensure any static news and development of uts currency majors or crosses in that pairs session
  • Then For day trader it is really important to stick to media.

The experience  behind the why we should stick to quickest news source is as follows ,

  1. We stay aware about the comments made by highly influence personalities,who’s words matters for the economy .
  2. When the comments comes from parliament or any interview then it itself becomes a news and source ,clue for the trader for markets next action.
This ia the main theme why we should stick to the news.
Lets continue the points 
  • Wath the pairs high low and current close price like how its developing on day charts etc.
By having above few points in mind we get a little advance grip over our news trading .
So overall a trader should be holistic thinker. Because trading has 80 % losing ratio we should try to think what rest 20% traders in their mind.

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