What is Trading

Which Indicator tells us, from where the market is expected to test a volatility in a Current Session
Economic Calendar the day ahead
The Chances of US economy recession are fading
Nifty Back to POC levels Intraday
Gold price reached 55250 Indian Rs/10g,why the price surging
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Hey Guys we will start from the basic so you will able to get a grasp of this business .I will try to make this blog a complete educator from basic to extreme advance .
we will try to cover every aspects of trading like analysis ,i.e fundamental Technical and also art of charting

So lets begin…your journey as I have started it 8 years back .wish you all best luck

Every new trader having lots of dilemma in his mind about his profit making he always think about does he will be able to make profit or not . I also gone through same process but answer comes where we produce a will so the path through I have gone i will be introducing it to you .
              I will assist you in any of the pair like eurusd ,gold etc will help you till you make it through .and definitely will not charge for that .Just follow me on this site I will guarantee you that you will achieve you dream in trading .
              This is my passion and I want to celebrate my passion with you all .any problem please contact and I am there to help you.

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