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 let’s have a look on the charts as we have seen that EURUSD and GBPUSD had fall much in the past few days.it was totally dramatic for me to understand this moment but technically it was going very efficient way . ,a short it was not an institutional it was not fishery moment,people usually it has to say that this move was institutionally moved it was against retailers like that, this kinds of comments from the people are actually harmful  for themselves,let’s have a look white zero USD and you gbpusd fallen in ste 45 degree so I have some points on which I have concluded that that I have predicted this moment now before it occur so I would just like to share it with my blog readers.

4:30 I will like to say that there is a cyclic change from 21st of June and other cyclic change we will see in the January at what we say as a Winter solstice and summer solstice

 secondly I would like to say that the volatility was due to President Trump’s retail statements the Iraq withdrawal of Nuclear deal which we wear in force since 2015

third reason I have that the comments from the Institutions or we can say more specifically comments from the banks the central banks as if they will likely not you sustained interested or they are not willing to increase interest rates this is kind of fresh rice in Rio for the currencies such as a Euro to GBP as well even in US dollar if we see that President Trump says that feed is actually and intentionally giving the rates here and United States of America don’t deserve right now keep interest rates ere so as we have seen that used in this is actually holding around 9697 levels there is a long-term P1 auto level of 50% since past few years if we calculate this thing then we will see that the actual feeble ratio is moving at 98. 97 levels and from there we expect reversal in USD index that is why USD also following secondly Euro USD also following and gbpusd following as well so we have seen this as case of a recession this now wants to increase their rates father so if the rates not going to increase there is a cyclic change in the trained and Markets as we have seen recently n the Indian Budget that Ms Nirmala sitharaman the economic advisor of India had present it budget on 31 July 2019 in the desired it media Pradeep telecalling it as a proof to visit so I know the gas that that but maybe the market is again start project because after she presented a budget market was before the present in market was very foolish but after she wasn’t a budget the market more specifically if you say the Nifty Has Fallen on the grounds and we have seen that the Nifty poet from the top of 12011 now it is overing below to 11400 levels if I more specifically se mobile typing this blog,

 further, if you would like to discuss more about market than technical is a best way to speak about right but definitely we speak about technicals we don’t get a confidence that if the technical is showing that it wants to go down while the banquet godown and that confidence we get from the fundamentals unfortunately we don’t know the fundamentals then again there is a confusion free fall in the trained and reverse Accenture so he is written as 12 and a feeling here retailers things that the market is not wait for them and one Saathiya started thinking like this establishing their profits and they eventually stay and stop the feeling with glasses but wants you understand your risk once you understand your of profits your of losses you of levels then definitely the succes on your side you learn from the market no matter you are institution now you are a retailer or you are in this your friend sitting at home like me and expanding the market watching the few news definitely you should follow some technical some fundamentals with some confidence and weather risk there is always key in this world risk definitely you will read a lot of books for the you will read a lot of material on the Internet to understand this concepts because this is the very important in this market and because it is important error when should follow this if you want follow then you please don’t follow market maybe this is my experience and on my xperience best years I am speaking with this so I don’t get me wrong if you are confident and boost and this article Manhar before you but sweet thanks for the listening for reading this article so who with this statement I’m ending here please share my Oracle like and them thank you


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