Three Rules for successful Trades to Win

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Three Rules for Successful Trades to Win 
Hey traders whats up  today I thought to write on some rules which traders should follow .Well this are also the principles which are lead you to higher pips and gains in the any stock market .Any Forex trades any Indices and etc of course .
Since I have started the trading in 2009 while I have just step into my 18 I was unaware of the facts that goes in the market and i hardly was able to guess and predict the market at that time but now I can do it with ease because with the discipline of time and efforts i achieved that kind of approach which makes us profitable so I thought it was really necessary to share it with new traders .New traders always remain in dilemma what to do .So,I came with this post which you could able to do perfectly.and I guarantee you that this post will help you a lot 

Rule #1 “Make a mind that you are going to win the trade “

This Rule will probably boost your mind and make you cheerful of-course because it will going to boost your will power and decision making phenomena for your trade execution .Because I feel I was felt lower sometimes when my trades goes in negative due to lack of confidence,so by even having proper setup of stop loss and take profit I tended to close the trade prior hitting that stop loss and take profits.So this affirmation I mugged up and said Yes I will win the trade and that rule worked for me always now I have habit to trade In those environment where I am the winner and makes me ahead of the rest of the other traders .and so never forget to say  “I will Win And i will say on this is Yes You effeminately can.

Rule#2 “Study the particular data belong to instrument you are trading “

Second thing came in my mind is yes i can win the trade but how how I could win that trade .Will there be any magic wind or something that will improve my trades then answer for this is no surely not there will not be any magic wind that could improve your trade but You Yourself could improve it by having some base knowledge of that  Instrument .Here I have example
Say,You are about to trade in Forex currency pair and their you are going to short EURUSD 
and so ask your self a question like why you are going to have short .Do I have proper data like GDP numbers or Employment base of even Europe or United status of America or anything on the  basis i could execute that trade so analyse and then execute your trade And say it again Yes I will win this trade  and so I will say Yes You will win definitely.

Rule#3 “Avoid the platforms which keep you busy like social networks and chat “

Third but not the least rule avoid social network platforms while you are analyzing and trying to Execute the trades .we know Discussions help and we should discuss the technical and fundamentals of the trade Like discuss the #GOOGLE share price Discuss the #USD fundamentals discuss and discuss a lot but in time when you are not trading even its wasteful of your trades and could make you Loose that trade worthless trades so please avoid that annoying social platforms while Trading .
 So,I will say Yes You will win the trades tremendously and earn a lot in Forex ,stocks and Indices .




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