The Trading Fear and Profit

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As you are here then definitely you are a Businessman,trader,or someone great .
So, as we know trading and everyone has some different experience in trading right?
Yes absolutely as we all know managing finances in liberalised era is almost simpler ,but some of us targets trading as profession in that era of as every trader start trading .he always has a tendency to to profit .of course everyone has but what for those who do not hold proper experience in trading and trade with their real money .in my 9 yrs of experience since 2008 I have seen all ups and downs of Indices ,Stocks ,Currency Forex Bonds etc I have seen all those trending even commodities too .I learnt a lot by trading directly in market .,what I meant was I never afraid of loss cause I did proper Risk of course since I have started my trading career .So, I have faced less loss cause I placed less amount in trades like 1% of margene I used to trade and as I was new comer and dreaming to be the great Warren Buffet ,Trader.

What Traders do usually is they take maximum risk initially and by lacking in experience 90% of them get end up trading session with loss .Due their fear .. yes fear they almost fear to loss and takes their profit min and risk loss max by only fearing ,What they could do is by reversing their fear they could get and close trades with minimum loss i.e closing trade and they could remain in profit is stock or pair or commodity is rising they do not need to shorten an position their .

and that is the first experience in my lack of experience I have shared .and I will keep sharing through this blog .Help your friends who are traders and share your experience too .please be interactive with me .


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