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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been on the eyes of Uttar Pradesh officials who have been exploring the disaster in the corona crisis. A probe has been ordered into the procurement in several districts of the state under epidemic prevention measures. In order to prevent corona crisis, public representatives have complained about procurement of oximeters and thermometers at high prices in gram panchayats in a dozen districts of the state.

The Chief Minister has directed the formation of sit to look into the matter by taking serious note of the issue of procurement of pulse and infrared thermometers at a rate higher than the market price in gram panchayats of some other districts including Sultanpur and Ghazipur.

The sit, constituted by the State Government, will examine the additional Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Renuka Kumar. Secretary, Department of Medical Education Amit Gupta and Secretary Nagar Vikas Vikas Gothalwal have been nominated as members of the sit. The sit will examine the entire episode and submit its report within 10 days.

It may be recalled that the state Government had directed the state Finance Commission to procure a set of pulse oximeters, infrared thermometers and sanitizer in each gram panchayat for prevention of Covid-19 on 23rd June this year. However, after this order, there has been a case of of these equipments at a much higher price than the market price in gram panchayats of several districts including Sultanpur, Ghazipur. The district Panchayati Raj officers of Ghazipur and Sultanpur have been suspended so far in the allegations of scam in this during corona period.


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