Shall We Use Astrology In Trading, Really!

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Shall We Use Astrology In Trading, So today we will be discussing related some astrology stuff. I had read few books on astrology and many of the web materials too. so while reading I will kill you in life I have implemented it on myself and the past actions according to that planetary positions has played most accurate pot and some convincing actions in my life As I have looked upon myself in the past. So why I was reading the astrology stuff I get to realise there is something logic in the astrology.

can we use astrology in trading
I personally study WD Gann his trading what he have written in his book. WD Gann was a trader 19th century he was trading using geometry numerology and planetary vibrations. he himself had never reveal anything from his method of trading. but indirectly he expressed many of the things from his trading methodology in view of his books. then I came across many softwares many trading programs available on his name that WD Gann claiming that WD Gann was using those things, but the fact is WD Gann was a trader who had accuracy of approximately 80-90%. and the people who are claiming that the software in which the learnings or teachings of WD Gann was involved, actually not giving that much accuracy so this means that to softwares are not fully filled with w d Gann’s  methodology in trading .

why I am saying this one because we have to personally learn or I am personal learning astrology for that purpose only I don’t want to be astrologer who reads human future.
but when the planetary vibrations comes into play the psychology of the traders play according to that and we could be able to predict the market by using the astrological facts that is the sole purpose of learning the astrology for me.

how to use astrology in trading
 there are few steps from which you could be able to actually go on the path of learning astrology for trading I will conclude few of them as follows in points.
  1. try to understand what astrology logics are.
    1. the logic suggest what every planet are meant  and what are their purpose in prediction or what is their behavior
    1. secondly understand the houses
      1. understanding the houses will help you to understand and if or invert every house means for ,for example if any planet in the first house then it represent your nature, what if any planet in your 7th house then the combined effect of planet and that house  including the Nakshatra standing there and the aspects Exeter
    2. he should be looked at the nodes  that is South node , and North node they usually affects the change in Trend or the correction patterns in the chat you could able to see.

    so, the points discussed above are few of them and not complete theory it just to show you to incorporate few logics in your understanding that’s it

    I will be discussing good logics of planet reactions in further articles.


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