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Swap evident across all subgroups households 1 year ahead inflation Expectations were lower than their three months ahead Expectations in July 2020 round of The Reserve banks survey indicating their anticipation of low inflation over the longer Horizon

Moderated imports fail fail shortly in June In A broad-based Manna reflecting week domestic demand and low International crude oil prices the Merchandise trade balance recorded a surplus in June of the order of US dollar point 8 billion after a gap of over 18 years India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves have increased by 50 6.8 Billion in the current financial year that is in 2021 sofa during April to July 2 530 4.6 billion US dollars as on July 31st 2020 equivalent to 13 point 4 months of imports the ratio of foreign exchange reserves to external debt has gone up from 76 % at the end of March 2019 to about to 85.5% the end of March 2020 in our focus on the outlook for growth and inflation this backdrop the MPC was of the view that supply chain descriptions on account of covid-19 purchased with implications for both food and non-food prices a more favorable food inflation Outlook may emerge at the bumper Rabi crop harvest is prices of serials especially if open market sales and Public Distribution of take our expanded on the back of significantly higher procurement none the less oxide Race 2 food prices to remain the abatement of price pressures in

Supernormal monsoon and global financial market volatility are the key downside risk MPC undertaken over the past are you know starting from February 19 and more of a more pronounced Manna after the onset of the pandemic so I thought it is necessary that let me in brief highlights some of the unit of the impact in our assessment the impact of the monetary and liquidity policy measures which has been undertaken by the Reserve Bank it may be noted that transmission of the rate cuts by MPC would not have been possible to the extent achieve sofa without creating comfortable liquidity condition noted that in an environment of unprecedented stress supporting recovery of the economy assumes pregnancy in the conduct of monetary policy while the space for the monetary policy action is available it is important to use it judiciously to maximize the beneficial effects on the underlying economy at the same time the MPC is conscious of its medium-term inflation target at the headline inflation prints of April and May 2020 28 of secured by the spike in food prices and cost push pressures Meanwhile the humility reduction of 250 Basis points is working its way through the economy lowering interest rates in money Bond and credit Markets and narrowing down the spreads

Given the uncertainty surrounding the inflation Outlook and extremely weak state of the economy in the midst of an unprecedented shock from the ongoing pandemic dmpc decided to keep the policy rate on hold while remaining watchful for a durable reduction in inflation to use the available space to support the revival of the economic there are more details available in the MPC is resolution which will be uploaded immediately after this statement is over so I would encourage everyone to have a look at the resolution of the MPC which contains even greater details


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