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1. Natural gas

watching in the market profile of natural gas . Observation of market profile is currently suggesting the volumes build up for the short is from the level of 350 – 340. The current price is around the support of 300 levels.Acting as   the current support . Observation I think natural gas make the cream for the below 290 levels because there was last spike around there. Showtime friends suggesting that there may be pull back in the natural gas up to the levels of 320- 330, wear shorts may be waiting for boosting nice shots in the natural gas. Any incidence which causes the price move for the above 322 -330 levels.May Extend the rally for the levels of 400.

Approch For positional Trade. If natural gas will extend the rally up to the leaves of 320 then there will be the good is reward ratio to risk. I may look for the opportunity to enter near those levels with the stop loss of 335.

Few Known Fundamentals:  recently the inventory is declared by the EIA that is energy information agency updated the drastic decline in inventories. after the release of inventory data there was sharp correction from the levels of 350. Shorter correcting 60 points from 350 labels we are now looking some positive feedback for the natural gas. Secondly, demand is still in eyes of the investors. So we should not ignore that point.


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