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Iran flies America’s fake warship with a missile


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Iran flew the dummy of the American warship, in connection with the practice of its missiles

It is strategically placed in the Strait of Hormuz, a channel that connects the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman.
In this exercise, so much fire broke out that American soldiers put their two regional bases in alert mode.

However, later the US Navy has described Iran’s practice as irresponsible and negligent.According to the US Navy, this was a move from Iran to provoke and force action.

This exercise has been done by Iran at a time when tensions between Tehran and Washington in the Gulf region are constantly increasing.According to Iran’s state television the practice was named Prophet Mohammed 14th. At the same time, the dummy of the American warship looked exactly the same as the US has deployed in the Gulf. Dummy fighter jet aircraft were also stationed on this dummy warship. Missiles were fired from different angles on this warship.

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