Investigation will decide the national trust quotes -Sushant Singh Rajput Case

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The quest for truth can never be suppressed and truth has its own strange way of emerging from darkness of falsehood this is exactly what is happening in Maharashtra on one hand the Maharashtra government the Mumbai Police is shielding the culprit is preventing the Nation’s call for a CBI investigation in to happen and on the other hand peoples National outcry has made easy and Sushant Rajput case possible.

Please banta hai usko main bhi comment karta hun this is why I stay Maharashtra is the perfect case of politics of part vs politics of people Rhea Chakraborty has not given any major hit she is not politically big star did not get you vote then why is she doing protected by the Mumbai Police Rhea Chakraborty who had once asked for a CBI investigation now her lawyer is saying that the CBI investigation is illegal what has made Rhea Chakraborty feared CBI investigation? what is Rhea Chakraborty fearing ?In hiding that she went and needed to the need for a postponement of the investigation.

Sushant Singh Rajput

In fact why has Rhea Chakraborty not revealed her location the past 55 days? Are the entire your credibility of the Mumbai Police being compromised to save Rhea Chakraborty certainly it cannot be about Rhea Chakraborty it is a bigger plot that’s why se the Maharashtra government is willing to compromise the public perception is willing to go down the last mile to save Rhea Chakraborty nothing happens in chance in politics this is why I say the political cost of truth coming out of Sushant Singh Rajput the political cause of justice was Sushant Singh Rajput is much more and is quite In the Maharashtra government is an Alliance with an Alliance with smaller parties it’s an Alliance of ideological is different parties in collision politics. It is said that it is about competing interest similar trend happening in Palghar Sadhu lynching.

The similar trend is observed now in Sushant Singh Rajput Case this is why the entire Crime scene was not Sealed? this is why Sushant Singh Rajput call details were not reveal? this is why in Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha s. stays in minutes the Mumbai Police concluded that it was a suicide, when the investigation did not taken place, This question is in the minds of people of this country. Which people of this country are asking what is the political cause that is making you Thakre government go down the wire and not allow for a CBI investigation will it came out and give explanation when nobody asked for an explanation with time will tell.

One thing is for sure that justice in Sushant Singh Rajput, the truth and Sushant Singh Rajput Case will decide the fate of politics in Maharashtra with decide the fate of politics in the entire country. Well in the supreme court the Mumbai police said that is willing to share fact but in a sealed and that’s why is Mumbai Police hiding the fact from the heat this is a question which everybody in this country is asking and this is wide and Retreat at the end that the truth in Sushant Singh Rajput case might change the entire political situation in Maharashtra and this is why she slowly the Bhartiya Janata party is also taking a deep interest will this is a particular case with people that investigation will decide the quotes

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