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It is risky to invest in the share market. However, if the help of the expert is taken, the market trend can be caught. Whether it is reverse or upward trend. But how to understand this trend? as we know the how to handle car steering, We must remember the way of driving to understand the trend.

According to Zee Business editor Anil Singhavi , if you are in reverse gear, then to get the vehicle in first gear, it has to be neutralized first. Similarly, to get reverse from top gear also will have to be neutralized. The same method applies with the stock market. According to him, when the Nifty 50 started to climb after 8800 points, it never said a short call. The index has gone up to 11300 with this number. During this period, traders got a good boost.

According to Anil Singhvi, the time of investment to come from 7500 points to 9000 points was for the investor and not for the traders. But once the market becomes stable, you should not miss the opportunity. Whenever the market fluctuated in the last 3 days, the Expert gave the opinion that the trend in Nifty is strong. This will last till the expiry.

The stock market will benefit from the boom in global market. However, if some important decisions are made in the Fed Reserve meeting, then this will affect the market’s movement. But Indian markets are still moving due to local reasons. These are the indigenous reasons for the boom. The market is trading on its own. Trading on your data. This strength will increase further.

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