How You could Maximize Pips In UJ in Intraday Read strategy

Elliot projection over gold chart
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USDJPY and Elliot

In this 30 min chart, we can see a good Elliot pattern to trade and we will see three cases to pips and profit maximization today for Intraday.

The rectangular Portion will act as pivot on 30 min chart at price range 113.25-113.55 for USDJPY
Let us see how we could invest in it

I Have shown #3 possibilities as you can see in chart 2 short possibilities and 1 long possibilities 

Case 1 Long if USDJPY goes above square price i.e to corrective above 113.52 you could enter the long trade for target @114.15 not above I am expecting. 

Case 2 Short USDJPY  at completion of correction @114.15 Target from there is 112.50 Stop loss 30 pips from entry 

Case 3 Short if the price goes below from the time call give below 113.20 you could short Target price will be same as case 1 i. 112.50

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