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Did you know that you can easily receive payments to your LocalBitcoins wallet by using our Merchant Invoicing-service? We have also created an API for it, as programmer you can easily use our Merchant Invoice service API to add as a payment method for your web store.
Shuup is an open source eCommerce platform, but it also offers a hosted version of their product. You can either host it yourself for free or use their cloud platform to run your web store. I have created an add on for Shuup. Using the add on you can with the click of a button start accepting as payment in your Shuup store.
At the moment, the cloud service version doesn’t support 3rd party addons. This means that to use our add on you need to host Shuup yourself. Shuup will soon release new version of their cloud platform that includes support for 3rd party addons. When it is released early next year, starting a webstore that accepts as a payment method requires only few clicks. So, stay tuned.
You can find our shuup add on in action at The source code for the addon is available on As a developer by going through the code you can see how I’ve used our API to integrate our merchant tool service with Shuup.
To make it even easier to integrate with our API we have also created a Python library. You can either use it directly or check out the code for best practices on how to communicate wit our API.

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