Gold Sets almost $200 up upto 1437 on Daily Chart

Economic Calendar the day ahead
$HCA Healthcare Inc, Q1 18 Earnings: -Revenue: $11.42B (exp $11.28B)
Eur/Usd and Gold -Technical overview
EURJPY nearing channel support
Gold Showing channelising

Technical Chart :

Gold Chart

I recently kept the gold level at 1277 but now confirming that to upside targeting. See the previous post:

GOLD targets 1277 Don’t miss it out
Gold currently trading at 1239, the moves gain stronger momentum since Mid December 2016 as Gold moving in channels according to it Gold made the recent low on the lower channel thread 1122.63.The recent announcement from the Fed about USD ‘s boost corrected gold.I have seen two corrected waves and 2 impulses as per the chart.Next wave is ongoing and targeting towards 1437 for the completion of the 5th wave.

Stop Loss and Profit target: The positioning trade gives us the level of minimum risk of 1218.25 and target price range would be 1439 as per Fibonacci levels 261.8% where channel and wave 5th completes.

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