Gold rates soaring slowly ahead of US session

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Elliot projection over gold chart
GBP pairs at frankfurt openining took a ride above Asian Session
GBP/USD howering around weekly support
Coverage Global Markets Hitting down on global slowdown worries
Gold Rates showing steady growth today,Gold is trading at 1463 surg from the Monday session
starting which is started at the rate of 1458,We are yet to open US session lets have look what US session brings ahead of Xmas .

What News Scheduled in economic event of  US session

Economic Events today showing the 3-Month Bill Auction and 6-Month Bill Auction ahead ,3-Year Note Auction as well which prior data is 1.630%. Apart from that we Have next Important release of
RBA Governor Lowe Speech Scheduled at 22:05 GMT .The gold trader keenly watching this as their next  clue to trade gold so far the last price action in gold was sharp drop on friday .Traders driven move was sharp due to weekend.

Lets see what aud/usd shows for the next further intraday move with respect to gold

where gold showing proper soar aud showing a proper decline but due to release is scheduled the momentum yet to gain in both gold and audusd .
Finally,It is always better to be patient rather going for patient.

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