Gold Hits 1945 during early asian session

Which Indicator tells us, from where the market is expected to test a volatility in a Current Session
USDJPY and Elliot
U.S. ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) Released 57.3 VS expected 58.6
Crude oil inventories stood at 5.702M ,-1.699M
Coverage Global Markets Hitting down on global slowdown worries

Gold high Gold hitting highs in Asisan session amid US recession fears.The rally on monday in asian session opening near 1900 and High made 1945+ Per Ounce.since the corona virus still worsening the economies and corprate enviroment the sales data auto companies showing huge spike in decline.

While the Indian markets hitting highs above 11300 in pre market session leading strength in Indian Rupees.The on going corona virua crisi shaken rhr corporates and USA vs CHINA cold war initiation news in public domain leading thr fear among investors.

Nifty Today Outlook Showing weakness in the European session

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