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Forex top most pairs traders keep an eye on | Basically there is no strict rule for day trader to stick to few pairs , though they should stick with few
but this is not the case with everyone.We will see in this discussion how to reduce the stress and burden by refraining ourselve from burden of watching tick by tick and pair by pair  ,and add the selected pairs to daily routine like bread and butter for all three meals a day.

So the basic understanding behind this ,is to emphasize on session ,I in every article explains a bit about sessions importnace  which plays a great role in having the successful trades .There is simple logic behind this about why we should stick to sessions currency pairs rather off session pairs.below are the few points in off session 
  • In off session the country having no activity except there is sudden news  in post market session which may affect the economy,a rare case in Australian Dollar .
  • Off session crosses spikes alot Example.When GBP in live market hours spikes vs AUD then for traders it is easy to watch only UK’s current affair rather Australian Current affairs.
By having above two points we may consider for few traders it might be win win but like 80% loose in currency market due to this kind of spike trades as mentioned above in second bullet.
What exactly the case to have an eye on smooth volatility.Well this hard to find a smooth volatility but yet isn’t impossible.because,
  • Few pairs are in intraday most of the time gives nicer pips move after all economic events over.

After all economic events ended it makes a relief for traders,as they recieve a span of time  to think upon the trades .After London session close the casual moves comes in GBPJPY either sid

  • Secondly keeping an eye on next days consensus may help us as  well .
By eyeing next days economic event if we observe the comments from economists and reporters we may witness the effects occurred by it .so keeping it consider we should proceed in our trades.
This is a short summary of the pairs guessing ,as trading is probability business we should  bid it wisely.

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