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Calculation which successfully presented and market on chart as 
We are on daily chart and by using some possible diversion indicator I have Plotted and figured the next Possible range in  

We are having since past few months a Range 1.1701-1.0323 (recent Low ) from where EURUSD sustains and started Impulse to 1.1701 between that range many up and downs we could see as it’s an liquid market but Big Dogs will surely approach to next 1000 pips from now. 

1.We have seen many positive news favoring Dollar and Price moved consequently .Now after such a price action euro  heading to lower which we could call Bottom at 1.0516 . 

2.EUR is boosting fundamentals exact figures according me not need to share here as you could see them or Google  it too. 

3.USD could hardly or will not be able to generate according to my study in further calendar in president trumps policy formulation or it could take some time as history we could see it takes time to recover after presidential appointment . 

4. Technical I have shown on Charts. 

Trade safe and be safe wish you all best luck 


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