EURUSD analysis Lets see how it shows on different patterns on different time frames

Technical View :EURUSD
EUR/USD headed multi-year downtrend on daily
Gold Sets almost $200 up upto 1437 on Daily Chart
Industrial producer prices up by 0.1% in both euro area and EU28
German 5-year bond yields turn positive

In this post we are going see how do we analyzing eurusd,We have seen a good volatility in eurusd in previous week.

The region indicated above was really important to sustain the trend .
But unfortunately it broke down with the poor economic data.
Also there was a talk between UK PM May to make delay in BREXIT and news over news smashed on the feeds and GBPUSD Stretched up

Let’s have looks on weekly time frame ahead The Chart posted above showing weekly consolidation phase in bearish channel .It sounds to me that EURUSD is awaited of policy to gain the momentum of either side

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