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After Eur headed above 1.2400 ,Traders Now looking at the European central banks Governor’s Speech Live scheduled at  
1:30 GMT .  The Live Podcast link shared below to watch it live below .We recently posted article about EURUSD: Breaking its fresh highs above 1.2100 turning swing of another 1500 pips upside . 

So this could either give push to rally or vice versa in this case


Few Feeds :

ECB’s Draghi: Recent Forex Vol Is Source Of Uncertainty

ECB’s Draghi: Data Points To Solid And Broad Growth

ECB’s Draghi: Momentum Could Lead To Positive Growth Surprises In Near-Term

ECB’s Draghi: Risks For Euro Area Outlook Broadly Balanced

ECB’s Draghi: Headline Inflation Likely To Hover Around Current Levels In Coming Months Before Increasing Again

ECB’s Draghi: Underlying Inflation Subdued & To Rise Gradually Over Medium Term

ECB’s Draghi: Deviation From Capital Key Does Not Affect APP Neutrality

ECB’s Draghi: Committed To Continuing Smooth Implementation Of QE

ECB’s Draghi: Reinvestments Sometimes Distributed Over 3-Months

ECB’s Draghi: Haven’t Discussed Link Between Inflation & QE

ECB’s Draghi: No Difference Between Minutes & December Conference On Guidance

ECB’s Draghi: Reiterates Firm Commitment To Inflation Target

ECB’s Draghi: Seen Rise In FX Volatility In The Last Month

ECB’s Draghi: ECB Hasn’t ‘Really Started’ Discussion On Guidance
-There Has Not Been ‘Much Of A Change Since October’

ECB’s Draghi: Relative Influence Of Policy Pillars To Change

ECB’s Draghi: Not Targeting FX Rates

ECB’s Draghi Says Governing Council Noted Mkt Sensitivity Towards Changes In Guidance

ECB’s Draghi: Question Is Whether Movements In FX Impact Inflation Path

ECB’s Draghi: ‘Too Early To Assess’ Whether Pass-Through Has Taken Place
-Large Movements In FX Are ‘Bound To Have Pass-Through’

ECB’s Draghi: Even As Inflation Rises, Policy Will Remain Accommodative 
-‘Well Past’ Is Of Fundamentally Important In Message

ECB’s Draghi: ECB Cannot Declare Victory Just Yet

ECB’s Draghi: ‘Must Distinguish’ Between APP Extension, Tapering And A Sudden Stop

ECB’s Draghi: Nominal Wage Growth Considered As A ‘Convincing Sign’ Of Future Inflation

ECB’s Constancio: Overstretched Asset Prices Seen In Some Markets
-Declines To Talk On Broad Based Asset Bubbles

ECB’s Draghi: Part Of This Expansion Is Cyclical, ‘Will Stop At Some Point’

ECB’s Draghi: No Question On Sequencing Of Rate Hike Well Past End Of QE

ECB’s Draghi: Should Ask Whether FX Movement Comes From ‘Stronger Economy, Statements Or Mon Pol Elsewhere’

ECB’s Draghi: Some Concern On Possible Fed Policy Changes
-Additional Concern Over Unwanted MonPol Tightening

ECB’s Draghi: Governing Council Has ‘Range Of Normal Differences’ In Views On Policy
-Sees Very Few Chances For Rate Hike In 2018

ECB’s Draghi: Differences Between Governing Council Isn’t As Substantive As Other Occasions

-Some Members Are ‘A Little More Confident’


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