Daily Forex Outlook for the Intraday

Which Indicator tells us, from where the market is expected to test a volatility in a Current Session
Germany October unemployment change 6k vs 2k expected
The Day Scheduled With Full Economic Events -GBP/USD
Coverage Global Markets Hitting down on global slowdown worries
China cuts key liquidity rate after 2015


  1. The days Forex Performance based on analytics
  1. Which Key factors driving it.
Sourrce:Bizasis The Currency Avg Currency performance against the US dollar


    1. The days Forex Performance based on analytics
For this we have to look at above Chart where the performance wise representation arranged.So we have INR as the highest among those,Though RBI kept Interest rates Unchanged.apart from those If see the average USD tilted down and that would be the key for intraday .further.The the Discussion on Indian Gold Imports rates hike was the key for the INR to remain as a leader in gaining.
    1. Which key factors on the cards 

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