Coverage Global Markets Hitting down on global slowdown worries

Buying a car or bike will be cheaper in India
The European Union released the GDP numbers
US session headed with important release ahead
$HCA Healthcare Inc, Q1 18 Earnings: -Revenue: $11.42B (exp $11.28B)
The Day Scheduled With Full Economic Events -GBP/USD
Economic Times Said that gold firms higher as US recession as global slowdown worries  Let’s have look on GOLD chart We have seen that gold is currently been in up trending channel in previous article Watching at the God Technicals and levels which may be Useful in trading

 I discussed few technicals there. Was reading the news where Base Metals melted as well Today’s till trend flowing down we have to make positions short side Yen pairs looking positive today as market radar pairs be Yen showing in Yen is gaining

Live: Nifty set to open in 15 minutes we will cover Nifty live in the post as we trades.  For now stay tuned on market summaries.


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