Bihar Police in Mumbai:Investigation in progress

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Another point is coming up each day on account of Sushaant’s Rajpoot’s self destruction. The similarity for the late entertainer in the nation is expanding. Bombay Police (Bombay Police) is exploring this issue inside and out. While Sushant’s dad KK Singh has stopped a FIR against () in Patna. After which Bihar Police is in Mumbai to examine the issue. From that point forward, numerous individuals’ announcements have come out.

An appeal has been recorded for the benefit of Pawan Prakash Pathak and Gaurav Kumar for a CBI examination in the Patna High Court. In any case, the court is yet to choose whether it will hear the request or not. The Chief Justice of Patna High Court will conclude who to hand over this case and how the examination will be done for this situation.

After Sushant’s dad KK Singh recorded a case at the Rajiv Nagar police headquarters in Patna, Bihar Police has ventured up the examination of the case and is gathering pieces of information identified with the case in Mumbai. In the interim, the interest for the examination of Sushant’s self destruction case from the CBI is likewise expanding. Presently for this situation, a request has been recorded in the Patna High Court requesting the court to mediate for the situation.

Aside from Patna, a request has been documented in the Bombay High Court requesting a CBI request. Discussing the law, as per Indian peace, the court can arrange the Central Government for a CBI request. Furthermore, the court can likewise set up a seat which can investigate the procedures of the examination of the case.n investigate the procedures of the examination of the case.


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